Monday, February 21, 2011

Introducing the Initiative to Start Chicagoland Role Playing & Strategy Gaming Not for Profit

For a few weeks now, I’ve developed some ideas for a Chicagoland-based role-playing and strategy gaming nonprofit. I want it established by gamers and for gamers. With this intention, I articulated the following Initiative structure to gather a party of bright and resourceful gamers to take on this quest by each others’ sides.

Mission Statement/Purpose

Establish a non-profit that

  • Facilitates role playing and strategy gaming by securing gaming space that provides
    • Ease of access
    • Ease of parking
    • Accommodations to needs of disabled (including allergies)
    • Library of materials
    • Means of communication and community
    • Possibly even gaming events organized by nonprofit
  • Promotes and advocates legitimacy and benefits of role playing and strategy gaming
    • Some of my own ideas (all ideas welcome – feel free to speak against my ideas):
      • Newsletter/journal/magazine/articles
      • Advocacy at cons & more mainstream spheres
      • Reaching out to educators & librarians
      • Workshops for people involved to educate/discuss methods and source materials
      • Intro sessions for newbies or people who have never played anything but are curious

Procedure & Structure:

  1. Announce existence of Initiative (step 1 accomplished!)
  2. Find gamers interested in RPGing & strategy gaming nonprofit, whether as organizer, donor, beneficiary
  3. Gather those interested in organizing nonprofit
  4. Evaluate interest level throughout Chicagoland area
  5. Figure out
    • Purpose that meets Chicagoland gamers' needs
    • Organization & structure
    • Resources & appropriation of resources
  6. Execute plan


  • Me
  • Interested gamers (you)
  • Internet
If you live in or come often to the Chicagoland area, believe yourself hearty enough for this adventure, have the mettle to take on the challenge and want to establish this grand scheme, please make your voice heard in the comment section. Thank you for hearing me out.