Saturday, March 5, 2011

Started Facebook Group & Some Stats

I just started an open Facebook group for the Initiative. It's called "Initiative to Start Chicagoland Role Playing & Strategy Gaming NFP/NP." I made it an open group so please find it and join up!

Also, forgot to mention the number of hits the first entry for the blog received. It received a total of 45 hits. I don't know how many of those hits were unique but still not bad, even though they occurred just within the first couple days. Please spread the word and encourage your Chicagoland gaming friends to visit!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

One-Week Progress Report Since First Blog Entry

A Couple Questions Raised by Readers of the Last Entry

Q: Is “The Initiative to Start Chicagoland Role Playing & Strategy Gaming Not-for-Profit or Nonprofit” the name of the organization?

A: No. In fact, there is no organization to speak of. This blog and me are the closest things get for an organization at this time.

I gave this stage a name because it needed one. I gave it this particular name because it provides an apt description of its purpose at this point in time, despite its lack of elegance.

I fully expect that once the actual not-for-profit/nonprofit becomes established, it will have a different and possibly more elegant name. For all I know, the name of the current informal stage could change. Changing the name might even be the first order of business, for all I know.

Q: Where in the process is this initiative and its establishment of the not-for-profit or nonprofit?

A: This initiative is at its very beginning. The best description of this stage would probably be the market research stage.

My first three concrete goals for the Initiative are:
  1. Gauge the level of demand for a not for profit/nonprofit in the Chicagoland area that creates a community of role players and strategy gamers, provides benefit to this Community, promotes the interest of this Community in wider society and tries to perpetuate the Community by attracting the serious interest of wider society
  2. Find out the benefits members of the Chicagoland Gaming Community want from this type of organization
  3. Figure out fundraising issues without consideration of expenses or the acceptance of any funds (I expressly do not want to accept any funds until fiduciary responsibility is figured out fully)
This stage can be one of the funnest stages. I want to forget about limitations and responsibility issues. Focusing on responsibilities and difficulties will limit discussion and discourage exploration. Great ideas could be lost because someone will be scared of an idea getting shot down. I want to encourage all ideas to be brought to the table at this point then have practicalities figured out later.

Since this will be a product of Community made up of role-playing and strategy gamers, I even want ideas contrary to mine introduced and discussed. If the organization doesn’t meet my vision and it still fits the needs of the Community, I’ll be happy.

Once the ideas reach the point of execution, we can starting dotting I’s and crossing T’s.

List of Considerations and Tasks

Through discussion of the above with others and some thought of my own, I’ve created the following tasks for consideration to accomplish my three concrete goals:
  • Check out Wizards of the Coast & White Wolf Websites to locate local gaming groups (strongly considering)
  • Set up online messaging group for discussion using Google Groups or Yahoo Groups (is this something that would attract your attention and something you would use, or is this blog enough? Please let me know by commenting to this entry)
  • Make up business cards to pass out at cons and any other encounters with interested prospects (strongly considering)
  • Reach out to commercial organizations in Chicagoland: Galactic Force and Chicagoland Games (strongly considering – I’m sure there are other commercial organizations out there; tips, anyone?)
  • Reach out to commercial gaming companies, like Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games, Rio Grande Games, etc. (strongly considering)
  • Reach out to Chicago RPG Meet Up group and area Chicagoland Meet Up groups (strongly considering)
  • Set up in-person meetings to discuss issues and possibly plan (very strongly considering)
I’m the only one “actively” working on this initiative, and I’m not being terribly active. Other than writing up blog entries and fielding questions so far, I haven’t done much more.

I’m a busy guy, and this initiative isn’t my highest priority. It’ll be great if everything comes together and everything, but I’m not aggressive enough to make it happen tomorrow on my own. Motivated active volunteers would be much appreciated.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Feedback? Responses? Please comment.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Introducing the Initiative to Start Chicagoland Role Playing & Strategy Gaming Not for Profit

For a few weeks now, I’ve developed some ideas for a Chicagoland-based role-playing and strategy gaming nonprofit. I want it established by gamers and for gamers. With this intention, I articulated the following Initiative structure to gather a party of bright and resourceful gamers to take on this quest by each others’ sides.

Mission Statement/Purpose

Establish a non-profit that

  • Facilitates role playing and strategy gaming by securing gaming space that provides
    • Ease of access
    • Ease of parking
    • Accommodations to needs of disabled (including allergies)
    • Library of materials
    • Means of communication and community
    • Possibly even gaming events organized by nonprofit
  • Promotes and advocates legitimacy and benefits of role playing and strategy gaming
    • Some of my own ideas (all ideas welcome – feel free to speak against my ideas):
      • Newsletter/journal/magazine/articles
      • Advocacy at cons & more mainstream spheres
      • Reaching out to educators & librarians
      • Workshops for people involved to educate/discuss methods and source materials
      • Intro sessions for newbies or people who have never played anything but are curious

Procedure & Structure:

  1. Announce existence of Initiative (step 1 accomplished!)
  2. Find gamers interested in RPGing & strategy gaming nonprofit, whether as organizer, donor, beneficiary
  3. Gather those interested in organizing nonprofit
  4. Evaluate interest level throughout Chicagoland area
  5. Figure out
    • Purpose that meets Chicagoland gamers' needs
    • Organization & structure
    • Resources & appropriation of resources
  6. Execute plan


  • Me
  • Interested gamers (you)
  • Internet
If you live in or come often to the Chicagoland area, believe yourself hearty enough for this adventure, have the mettle to take on the challenge and want to establish this grand scheme, please make your voice heard in the comment section. Thank you for hearing me out.